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Calidad Kachestvo S.L.
Calle Huerta Nueva 
29680 Estepona (Malaga)
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"CalidadKachestvo S.L" specializes in the construction of swimming pools, saunas, baths and hammams. 

Fair prices!
We do all the work efficiently, reliably, with a guarantee, and not cheap.
Our team consists of experienced specialists who understand and know all stages of construction and correctly use building materials at each stage of construction.
We value our own reputation, so we do not make unreasonable promises and approach the fulfillment of our obligations with great responsibility every time. 
We give a guarantee for all types of our work, as well as for the equipment that we install.
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YuriySales Operative[email protected]
Call +34 632 855 331
MAIN SERVICES Impeccable quality - Construction, Design of Swimming Pools, Saunas, Russian Baths, Fountains and Lakes